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Co-Host: Marci

Marci (pronouns: he/him/his or they/them/theirs) is a bad bitch cactus who is originally from the A, but has been terrorizing D.C. since the Fall of 2015. A lover of Motown, anime, dance, and tea parties, Marci can often be found pounding vegan yogurt or engaging in rodent-like tendencies with friends. While his ass didn’t really grow up reading books like that, Marci has always been a fan of storytelling and fantasy usually as it showed up in cartoons and Japanese role-playing games. A firm believer in social justice, health equity, and self-love, Marci works to embody the magic he sees in those around him each day.

Co-Host: Ako

Ako (pronouns: she/her/hers) is a kind-hearted soul with a smidgen of mischief for good measure. She’s got a knack for imagination, a taste for adventure, and hails from here and sometimes there, but mainly the Tri-State area. She loves comics and cartoons, music, sour gummies and talking with strangers. She believes that life has the meaning we give it, that in the face of injustice moderation is worthless, and that an interesting story might change a life’s trajectory.

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